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TEXAS check & stars decal | UV DTF | DTF print

TEXAS check & stars decal | UV DTF | DTF print

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UV DTF decals do not need to be sealed.  Each decal is approximately 3" on the longest side unless noted in the option below.

They are permanent and ink-based with a varnish top clear coat. (Not vinyl)

Application Instructions
1. Peel design transfer from backing.
2. Place the transfer on the cup ensuring design is straight and positioned correctly.
(The adhesive is very strong. Once the transfer touches the anything, it is NOT coming off)
3. Press the transfer down, working from the center outwards, rub-out any bubbles.
4. Peel clear film off and done
Hand wash only. We do not advise to put in dishwasher or microwave.
We are not responsible for application misplacement.

Decal is to be placed on a clean, flat surface that is free of oils to assure the best stick. 

If using decals on an epoxy tumbler, we highly suggest sealing decals before placing epoxy over them to avoid fisheyes. 

Semi-transparent decals should be sealed under a layer of epoxy.

DTF prints - you must use a heat press.

We are not responsible for your end product.

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